Friday, August 17, 2007

Disney shows it takes two to really tango - Los Angeles Times

re: Mary McNamara, LA Times: "To answer your question, it's even better than the first one. What this will mean for the Disney Channel, the history of musical theater, the state of cable television or the future of the world as we know it remains to be seen. But "High School Musical 2" is zippier, bouncier, prettier, more soulful and even more musical than its predecessor, and that's saying something...[snip]...With "High School Musical," the first and second, Disney has created an entirely new subgenre of entertainment: the American musical junior edition. The themes of loyalty and self-discovery may seem a bit on the light side when compared with "Music Man," "West Side Story" or even "Damn Yankees," but the dance numbers are just as inspiring and the songs strike the hearts of the young television audience just as accurately as "Jet Song" or "76 Trombones" struck the hearts beating on Broadway. / Bright and shiny and bursting with pep, "HSM2" continues the quest to introduce a new generation to a vanishing commodity. The live-action musical movie has been on life support for a couple of decades now, and this may just be the eleventh-hour infusion it needs..."...

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