Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Reuters’ “Tiny” Grasp Of Percentages « Expat Yank

re: "...Credible information source Infoplease tells us that Saudi Arabia’s population is 27,601,038 (as of 2007). Islam is also said to be the religion of 100% of that population. It is reasonable to believe that those figures come from official Saudi estimates. /So, assuming those Roman Catholics therefore aren’t included in that 27.6 million, given Reuters’ above characterizations the news service obviously considers to be “tiny” those estimated 1 million Catholic “migrant workers” who constitute roughly 3% of the human inhabitants of Saudi Arabia, but whom, being non-Muslims, are apparently deemed officially statistically invisible. If the Saudi state chooses not to recognize the presence of Christians in their midst that’s one thing, but what acceptable excuse is there for the facts obsessives at Reuters for being only slightly less blind? After all, a similar sized 3% minority in the UK (stated by numerous sources as being around 1.8 million persons, out of a total population of 60 million) of another religious outlook is, for the global news gatherer, by no means considered nearly as “tiny”, nor as humanly inconsequential..."...

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