Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Bookworm Room » Having meaning in ones life

re: "...As always with me, these ruminations about life take me to politics and the difference between Left and Right. Thus, when I started thinking about Harry’s plight, and the absence of meaning in his life before his Afghanistan deployment, that Clintonian statement “the politics of meaning” kept popping into my head. As you may recall, when the Clintons stormed the national political scene in the early 1990s, much was made of the “politics of meaning.” /The “politics of meaning” is a phrase that originated with Michael Lerner, the radical rabbi who was Hillary’s intellectual mentor in the early 1990s. Jonah Goldberg, relying on a 1993 piece Michael Kelly wrote for the New York Times Magazine, has a nice summary of what Hillary meant when she talked about her understanding of this concept and the way in which she hoped to make its abstractions real in American government..."...

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