Monday, December 03, 2007

Father joins Navy to honor son who died in Iraq | - Houston Chronicle

re: "...His son, Marine Lt. Nathan Krissoff, 25, had been killed in a December 2006 roadside bomb explosion in Iraq. /Months later, Krissoff came to a carefully considered decision: He would honor his son by leaving a flourishing orthopedic practice, a comfortable life, to join the Navy as a combat surgeon.
But his application for an age waiver was mired in paperwork. /So, on that August day in Reno, when Bush went around the room and asked if there was anything he could do, Krissoff spoke up. /"I said, 'Yeah, there is one thing. I want to join the Navy medical corps and I gotta get some help here,' " recalled Krissoff, 61, who lives in California, near Reno. /Three days after that meeting, the Navy called. /His waiver had been granted..."...

hat tip: cdr salamander, via PalmTree Pundit

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