Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I'm in a Post-March-for-Life State of Mind :: Abortion :: ProLifeBlogs

re: "...From there I headed to the March and was energized by the tens of thousands (according to the Washington Post) or 100,000 (according to Fire Society) marchers who rallied on behalf of the unborn, their mothers and their fathers. /Baby boomers like me were widely outnumbered by the waves of young people who appear to be Marching for Life in larger numbers and with more joy every year. With them comes hope. /Before wrapping up my day at the March, I made a brief stop at a second bloggers event where websters busily covered the March, took photos and interviewed pro-life leaders. From there I walked back to the U.S. Supreme Court Building and listened to the brave women and men from Silent No More tell how they put their lives back together after abortions ripped them apart. /Marching for Life left me slightly tired and totally inspired. /The icing on my cake came during the train ride back to Philadelphia as I rustled the pages of yesterday's Washington Post. /"A Youthful Throng Marches Against Abortion" read the headline of a story that accurately captures the upbeat mood of the March. /
Lo and behold! Even the mainstream media noticed."...

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