Monday, January 07, 2008

Inept, Oppressive, Untrustworthy « Expat Yank

re: "...What he doesn’t address, however, is that as Africa continues to — or doesn’t — struggle to overcome “low trust” governance, in which . . . //…the people nearest to you - whom you can trust - are first, family, and second, tribe… //. . . one shouldn’t think such could not become more the norm in what had always been taken for granted to have been “high trust” societies, like Britain’s. /Western governments, while nowhere nearly as bad, are themselves increasingly relatively distant, and simultaneously ever more intrusive, as well as seemingly inept, enfeebled, and “tribal“. And so they are, unsurprisingly, seeing “trust” in the state among their populations rapidly eroding. How much longer those governments (should they continue down this path) will be considered reasonably representative, truly national and — most importantly — generally functional, rather than capricious, divisive and corrupt themselves, is really anyone’s guess..."...

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