Monday, April 21, 2008

Anglican Mainstream » Sermon: Why we must Stand Firm

re: "By Matt Kennedy for StandFirminFaith /...Homosexual behavior is considered so offensive to God that those who engage in it and do not repent will not enter his kingdom. Well, you might say, what about the other sins listed here, slander, greed, thievery, drunkenness, why do we focus exclusively on homosexuality? Trust me. I’d rather focus on anything else. The reason we focus on this particular sin is because it is the one sin that the Episcopal Church has presumed to bless. If the Episcopal Church would’ve passed a resolution blessing thievery or drunkenness or greed, then our response would have to be the very same. If, before every robbery, a thief were given the invitation to attend his or her local Episcopal parish to receive a rite of blessing for holy thievery, or before every drink an alcoholic might receive the rite of Holy Inebriation from his resident Episcopal priest, then you can bet that our focus would shift because sin, whether sexual or otherwise, is deadly to body and soul..."...

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