Monday, April 21, 2008

Inside Scoop on Shout to the Lord & American Idol (Josh Harris)

re: "...A Christian woman named Beverly posted what I thought was a helpful inside perspective from Fox. It helped me to see that, for Christians who work at Fox, having the song played was a triumph. It's easy for me to be cynical as I watch and forget that there are believers working at this network who are looking for any chance to shine the light of the gospel. She goes on to share that positive feedback from Christians would be helpful. Thanks for taking the time to post, Beverly. // start Beverly's comment //I work on one of the "sister shows" of American picture an office, with all of the producers, crew, etc. gathered in watching the live feed at our CBS offices, then this song comes office filled with a few Christians....atheists and agnostic Jews. You could hear a pin was awesome.....the power that came through....nothing had to be debates....just people being touched more than they realized...producers, writers...crew that had never darkened a church door in their lives, or their only experience with Christians was a negative one. You don't always see the workings of us Christians that are behind the don't know how much prayer went into getting a song with that message on a, let us not forget, a SECULAR show. So, from someone behind the scenes, the best thing you can do is write to the producer of Am. Idol and simply state how much you appreciate the diversity they showed in having an very inspirational song in their program. Period. No criticizing. This will go farther than you realize. Also, pray, pray, pray for us Christians that have chosen Hollywood as our vocation, career and our mission field."...

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