Thursday, May 29, 2008

Legal aid group: Texas officials offer 'diversionary reasons' to keep FLDS kids - Salt Lake Tribune

re: "SAN ANGELO, Texas -- Texas RioGrande Legal Aid today filed a response to the state Supreme Court saying the Department of Families and Protective Services offers only "diversionary reasons" for why it would be impractical and wrong to return FLDS children to their parents. / "The department cannot scatter hundreds of children -- including infants and toddlers -- to the four winds and then complain that it cannot put the pieces of the puzzle back together again," TRLA wrote. / The legal aid firm represents 38 FLDS mothers whose children are in state custody. It filed the 17-page document in response to the high court's request that it counter the state's effort to overturn an appeals court ruling that some if not all of the more than 450 children taken into custody last month should be sent home..."...

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