Monday, May 19, 2008

Mommy Life: Parental Rights - organizing to protect them

re: "One could say that there are plenty of signs around us that the government is encroaching more and more into the once-secure area of parental rights. While we may not agree with the polygamist practices of some far-out sect, seeing the government come in an arbitrarily remove 400+ children to disburse them over the state of Texas into foster care - breaking up families and sibling groups - is beyond imagination. /And I've been hearing tales - including one close to home of a family with a special needs child whose wandering has gotten them in trouble with CPS. Imagine having a file started on you as a parent because your child did something that is actually quite normal for even normal kids to do! And be careful what you share with your child's teacher - if she thinks it's abuse, you may have CPS knocking on your door, too. /In anticipation that recent efforts to exert the rights of the state over the rights of parents (remember the California judge who arbitrarily decided that parents had no right to homeschool?), some may want to investigate"...

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