Wednesday, June 11, 2008

BBC NEWS | Americas | Peruvians seek relatives in mass grave

re: "...The victims - all peasant farmers from the area - had been tricked by the military, who had set up a base in Putis, into digging their own grave. /In 1983 the region, Huanta, was controlled by the Shining Path - a brutal Maoist guerrilla group who had declared war on the state. They had killed all the local officials and the people had fled to the mountain peaks. /In November 1984, the army set up its base in Putis and invited the local population to live there under their protection. They asked them to dig a fish pond; then on 13 December they killed everyone and buried them there. /After the massacre, the soldiers sold off the villagers' livestock, according the 2003 commission report."..."...

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