Monday, June 09, 2008

Seraphic Secret: Oil Prices

re: "...The Democrats self-righteously lecture that we have to exploit alternative sources of energy. /I'm all for it. /Problem is, like almost all Democratic policies, it's delusional... / ...[snip]... / Big government: History teaches that unlimited government always yields economic ruin and personal misery. And these states inevitably evolve, by internal design, into a Big Brother rule. /As the clever cartoon points out, it's Democratic policies that enable and encourage such high oil prices. Remember that next time you fill up your tank, confront massive heating bills, pay higher prices on your airline ticket. In fact, high oil prices permeate almost every nook and cranny of our economic lives. /Alternate sources of energy will be exploited. Not by massive government programs, wasteful and inefficient, but by private entrepreneurs spurred on by the spirit of innovation and capitalism. /This Israeli company is making fine headway—with seaweed. /In the meantime, we should be exploiting the oil resources that are readily available to us. New methods of drilling now exist that do not harm the environment..."...

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