Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Baptist Press - Stroke victim's case recalls Schiavo controversy - News with a Christian Perspective

re: "..."We know that she's sick. I don't want anyone to think, 'They're just delusional,'" Tatro-Manes said. "We know that every minute that we have with her is a blessing from God. It's borrowed time. We know that. But there is no way that we can just sit by and allow my sister -- or my mother allow her daughter -- to be starved to death at the hands of a man that she's married to. A higher sense of order has to kick in at some point." / ...[snip]... / Karen Weber's competency is the question, said Joseph Rodowicz, an attorney affiliated with the Alliance Defense Fund who is representing Weber's mother. "Does she understand what's going on and can she communicate her medical issues as to what she wants to do. Does she want to go to hospice? And we have several instances where she has indicated she does not want to go to hospice," he said. "We submit that life support measures, which is really just a feeding tube and nutrition, shouldn't be removed." / ...[snip]... /Bobby Schindler, Terri Schiavo's brother and host of America's Lifeline, an AM radio program in Tampa, Fla., told the Witness this case is a good example of what happens all around America every day. / "The disabled like Karen are being killed every day and the only time we hear about it is when family members object, as in this case, as in Terri's case," Schindler said. "The whole notion that feeding tubes are now considered medical treatment is unacceptable. And we're seeing what's happening because of the law. People with disabilities are potentially in harm's way of being killed, because food and water, which should be basic care, is now being defined as medical treatment." / Sympathetic to those who are facing deathbed decisions, Schindler bristles at the notion that he is too harsh in characterizing such measures as active euthanasia." /You are killing someone by taking their food and water away," Schindler said. "Otherwise, they wouldn't die. How else would you describe it if you are taking away her food and water?"..."...

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