Monday, July 07, 2008

Bishops: What "Achievements" of Morgentaler's are Being Recognized?

re: "OTTAWA, July 7, 2008 ( - Bishop James Wingle of St. Catharines and Archbishop Raymond Roussin of Vancouver have spoken out strongly against the decision to grant Dr. Henry Morgentaler the Order of Canada, both asking why Canada is honouring a man who has caused so much harm among so many Canadians. /Given the fact that the Order of Canada is meant to recognize "a lifetime of outstanding achievement," Bishop Wingle asked, "What outstanding achievement or service has Henry Morgentaler contributed to the betterment of Canada?" /Morgentaler has boasted that he has performed over 100,000 abortions, many carried out before 1988 when Canadian law deemed the practice illegal - thereby making him a criminal. The abortionist's efforts also led to the removal of all the legal protections in Canada for the unborn. Are these the "achievements," asks Bishop Wingle, that have led to his bestowal with an award officially described as "the centerpiece of Canada's honours system"? /
The bishop then accused the Order of Canada committee's decision of showing blatant disregard for the values of millions of Canadian: "The firm conviction of millions of Canadians that human life is sacred at every stage of its existence evidently means nothing to those responsible for the Order of Canada." /
In the face of this decision, that has so severely divided Canadians, Bishop Wingle issued a rallying cry to the ranks of those who fight for the culture of life..."...

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