Saturday, September 01, 2007

Head to Head: Abortion Counseling . NOW | PBS

re: "We asked Linda Cochrane and Faye Wattleton the same nine questions to bring greater insight into both sides of the post-abortion counseling debate. Cochrane is the author of "Forgiven and Set Free" and a consultant on post-abortion recovery for Care Net, an organization of over 1,000 Christian pregnancy centers. Wattleton is president of the Center for the Advancement of Women, a women's advocacy group, and a former president of Planned Parenthood Federation of America..."...

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GrannyGrump said...

I often found myself wanting to smack Faye Wattleton upside the head and tell her to open her eyes and her heart to the suffering of women who don't find that abortion fills them with "relief" and "happiness". I doubt that they're in the minority, judging from the blogs women have posted during and after their abortion decisions. Even prochoice women suffer horribly. But their suffering doesn't seem to enter into the equation for Faye. She had her "choice," all is rosy. If she's troubled, she's a freak and we don't need to pay her any more mind in framing public policy than we have to take dicephalic twins into account when framing laws on issuing drivers licenses.

And I wasn't too thrilled with some of Linda Cochrane's answers, either. But I'm glad that PBS is at least covering the issue.