Monday, September 03, 2007

Two-for-One Deal, Take Two -

re: Jackie Calmes, "DES MOINES, Iowa -- Hillary and Bill Clinton kicked off her fall campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination, a rare joint effort calling to mind the uncharted waters of a White House with an ex-president in residence. Many voters in their audiences, even some nonsupporters, saw the potential precedent as a plus. /The Clintons' Labor Day weekend of stumping in New Hampshire and Iowa, the states with the first nominating contests in four months, was the third time they have publicly campaigned together this year. The campaign has focused on letting the New York senator make her case independently of her husband...[snip]...Yesterday, before hundreds of union members and their families at a Labor Day picnic in Sioux City, Iowa, Mrs. Clinton suggested one role for her husband should she be elected: repairing the country's reputation in the world after what the Clintons and other critics charge is the damage done during the Bush years. /"The day I'm elected," she said, "I'm going to be asking distinguished Americans -- including my husband -- of both parties, to start traveling around the world, and not just talking to governments and leaders, but talking directly to people and telling them that America is back."...[snip]...Mr. Clinton has said he would continue as head of his Clinton Foundation, although that could raise a variety of foreign-policy issues or conflicts, given its global work on AIDS, poverty and global warming. /When Mr. Clinton first ran for president, in 1992, his suggestion that his wife would be a sort of co-president sparked controversy. So far, the idea of them returning as president and ex-president seems to have caused relatively little..."...

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