Friday, October 12, 2007

Dr. Sanity: UNDOING: The Healing of the Traumatized Left Has Begun !

re: "Al Gore wins the Nobel Peace Prize? I'm amazed. I thought Cindy Sheehan had it all sewn up. Or Hugo Chavez. / I guess it just goes to show how much their cachet with the left has dropped in the last year or so; or, how much Gore's has risen in the pre-2008 election cycle... [snip]... Scott Ott has, by far, the most psychologically satisfying take on the announcement; a scenario that in a fair, just, and compassionate world (or, at least one consistent with reality, anyway) might have been. / But seriously, folks, Glenn Reynolds has the absolutely best understated quote: "I think he makes a fitting addition to the pantheon of Nobel Peace Prize holders." Indeed... "...

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