Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Townhall.com::Nietzsche Would Laugh::By Chuck Colson

re: "...It’s important to understand what is not in doubt: whether an individual atheist or agnostic can be a “good” person. Of course they can, just as a professing Christian can do bad things. / The issue is whether the secular worldview can provide a basis for a good society. Can it motivate and inspire people to be virtuous and generous? / ...[snip]... / One atheist understood the moral consequences of his unbelief: That was Nietzsche, who argued that God is dead, but acknowledged that without God there could be no binding and objective moral order. /Of course, the “New Atheists” deny this. Instead, they unconvincingly argue that you can have the benefits of an altruistic, Christian-like morality without God. /Nietzsche would laugh—and wonder why they don’t make atheists like they used to."

hat tip: Brandywine Books

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