Monday, October 29, 2007

Touchstone Magazine - Mere Comments: The Rise of the Pornogogue, II

re: Anthony Esolen: "...Our schools have perversely chosen to permit their moral windows to be smashed. More: administrators and teachers have taken up the hammers and done plenty of smashing themselves. It isn't only that they have permitted students to dress like knaves and hookers. Nor that they habitually teach a moral relativism that justifies knavery and whoring. Nor that they pride themselves on running down their nation, turning American history into one vast criminal enterprise. All these things undermine trust. But there's one thing that blows it sky high -- and that is their decision to set themselves essentially at enmity with the family, arrogating to themselves the rights of parents. I may trust a friend, or, upon a friend's recommendation, a stranger. I may make a pact with an enemy. The enemy may be a fine person. But a relational enmity remains. Therefore I cannot trust the enemy. I must always watch for the knife..."...

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