Monday, October 29, 2007

Touchstone Magazine - Mere Comments: The Brother Many Ignore

re: David Mills: "In Like a slave, is an unborn child not a brother?, published in the Daily Telegraph, Charles Moore reflects on the opening of a museum exhibition on the history of slavery and asks how curators will see abortion in 200 years... [snip]... He ends with an argument that "with the passage of time, abortion, especially late abortion, is slowly coming to be seen as a "solution" dating from an era that is passing. It will therefore be discredited." I hope he is right, but the drive (need/desire/addiction) for sexual license is so strong, and therefore the need for abortion so great, that abortion's coming to be seen as outdated strikes me as unlikely. /What may happen is that the social disorder and chaos created by a society consumed by sexual license will encourage a harsh reaction, and continence will be socially and perhaps legally required and as a result abortion made illegal, but that it is not the same thing..."...

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